What Am I Worth

What Am I Worth


10 July 2020


In a world where there is not enough to go around, survival hangs in the balance and seven extraordinary bodies are made to prove their worth. Amongst them there’s Peggy; she doesn’t have the correct paperwork, Kelly Boy; he’s about to have his benefit cut, Trish; she’s ready to rebel and Evie who’s in charge of it all. Watch as against all the odds, they dance, fly and sing on a tipping and spinning stage where the ground becomes the sky and the floor becomes the ceiling. Who will be left when the world stops spinning?

Joyously bold and exhilarating gutsy What Am I Worth? features ground-breaking physical moments and an electrifying mix of circus, theatre and original live music. Made in collaboration with 150 marginalised voices from across the UK and Ireland and having wowed audiences of over 8,500 last Summer, the show invites you to be amazed, moved and challenged in equal measure.

Extraordinary Bodies is a strong and unlikely partnership between sensational showmakers Cirque Bijou and award-winning diversity and equality practitioners Diverse City.

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