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Sir Michael Parkinson has backed a major £5m fundraising campaign to renovate The Civic, Barnsley to become a world-class destination for the arts by 2023.

The Civic is a much loved Grade II listed building that has been part of the town since 1877.

A modern extension was opened in 2009, but a third of the historic building is unoccupied with its traditional front entrance and foyer on Eldon Street disconnected from the rest of the building.

Helen Ball, CEO of The Civic, an independent arts charity, said: “The Civic represents the heart of Barnsley. Our vision is to reinstate the historic main entrance and re-connect it to the town and its people, returning The Civic to its rightful former glory. It’s about giving The Civic back to the people, and ensuring Barnsley’s future as a significant cultural destination.”

The front of the building is currently used as council office space, with historic access points blocked off. The renovation will include an Eldon Street box office and café, the refurbishment of three un-used floors, and a new theatre space.

Alongside a year-round arts programme, The Civic offers educational and engagement activities with schools and local community groups, such as Cross the Sky, a theatre company for adults with learning disabilities.

The renovation will extend its range of quality cultural and community events.  The campaign aims to engage with businesses, philanthropists and the general public.

Sir Michael Parkinson said: “The arts are an integral part of what it means to be human.  They contribute to our spirit and enrich our lives. Barnsley can be proud of the contribution it has made to the world of literature, theatre, radio, television, music and sport.  That is why this campaign is important and why I am proud to be a Patron of The Civic.  Please support us.”

Arts Council England have agreed to match every £1 donated with a £1, helping us reach our goal faster. So any kind donation you make to the project works very hard indeed.

You can donate online, or via cash or cheque made payable to Barnsley Civic Enterprise Ltd.


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