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Yorkshire Festival Comes To Barnsley

The Yorkshire Festival is the UK’s newest international festival. It will build on the resounding success of the first edition in 2014 and promises world premieres and UK exclusives with spectacular outdoor performances as well as music, theatre, arts and dance from theatres to clubs.

Emma Hill, Writes & Freedom Studios & Octagon Theatre, Bolton presents #ChipShoptheMusical. When shy South Yorkshire teenager Ayla blags a job in her local chippie, her secret dreams of a grime music career seem more out of reach than ever. It doesn’t help that her boss, Gram, is a cynical, brass band-loving bloke who’s falling out of step with the world as it changes around him. On the surface they have nothing in common, but can they come together and sort their lives – and the shop – out, before business and personal pressures force a closure?

Funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire Festival, and Seafish – the authority on seafood - this is a unique and uplifting play about unlikely friendships, mismatched music… and chips.

Proto-type Theatre are touring the UK with their new show A Machine They’re Secretly Building, which explores the erosion of privacy and how the government’s constant surveillance is changing who we are. A Machine they’re Secretly Building charts a course from the Top Secret secrets of WWI intelligence (via the moon, 1972’s Chess World Championships, a disco in Oklahoma and the cafeteria at CERN) through to 9/11, the erosion of privacy, Edward Snowden and to the terror of a future that might already be upon us.

A MACHINE THEY’RE SECRETLY BUILDING is a powerful new show about how we got to the point where our governments are spying on us and how that’s changing who we are.

Urban Explorers discover the skeletal remains of a steam locomotive. Inspired they take a journey through the silent movies of Buster Keaton, the train hijackings of the Wild West, the rooftop stunts of James Bond, the heartbreak of the First World War, and the dark future of inner city commuting.

The Urban Playground have created performance-parkour combining dance and physical theatre with authentic French Freerunning in a knockabout comedy for the whole family. Working with local young people they have created a new LOCAL LINE scene inspired by Elsecar Heritage Railway to be performed as part of this unique event.

Them Two Dance embark on a journey astride their tandem bicycle to encourage the people of Yorkshire to perform more Random Acts of Kindness. In this series of interactive pop-up duets, they ask you to be kind, to be generous and to help them out if they get a puncture!

Look out for the tandem bicycle in the Mayor’s Parade at 1pm and then around Barnsley Town Centre from 2-4pm for a chance to experience the #RandomTandem.

#ChipShopTheMusical is at Woody's on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June at 6.30pm. Tickets are £8 with food and £6 without food.

A Machine They’re Secretly Building is at The Civic on Saturday 18 June at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 full price and £8 concessions

STEAM (Local Line) will take place at Ironworks at Elsecar Heritage Railway Centre on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June at 12.30pm and 2pm. Admission is FREE.

Random Acts of Kindness will take place in Barnsley town centre as part of the Mayors Parade on Saturday 9 July. Admission is FREE.