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Walter Pops Up At Central Library!

A fun filled, interactive experience for the whole family.

Ever wanted to control what happens in a cartoon? Now you can in this fun-filled experience for the whole family - there’s no such thing as too much joining in!

Step into 154 Collective’s live animation tent coming to Barnsley Central Library on Saturday 14 May.

Join adventurer, fearless inventor and connoisseur of carrots, Walter Lemonface as he hunts for Rhubarb Ogres, battles ghosts and find new adventure around every corner!

Older than the hills around him, Walter lives in a purple shed at the bottom of a waterfall. He will tell you that he’s been everywhere, met everyone and he saves the world at least once a week. But remember, not everything Walter says is true.

And did we mention that he also happens to have a yellow head, shaped a little bit like a lemon? He’s very proud of that!

Sometimes scary, often touching and always with a healthy sprinkling of silly, you control what happens next and then watch in amazement as your story unfolds…

The Adventures of Walter Lemonface features live animation, music and storytelling, is a treat for children aged 3 to 93.

There are three performances lasting around twenty minutes.

Performance times are 10.30am, 12pm and 1.30pm

Central Library, Wellington House, Wellington Street, S70 1WA | 01226 773911

“The children (and parents!) were entranced” Audience Member