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The theatre is a lovely, quirky building which is clean, white and spacious inside

Pitschi, the Kitten with Dreams - 26 April 2015

Although the theatre doesn’t have its own parking, there are plenty of parking spaces well within a few minute’s walk of the venue, and on a Sunday you can park for free in most places in Barnsley.

The theatre is a lovely, quirky building which is clean, white and spacious inside. The staff are friendly, and upon arrival my daughter was given some colouring and games to keep her occupied until we went in for the performance.

This was my first experience of taking my 3½ year old daughter to the theatre and, if I’m honest, I didn’t really know what to expect. The show is advertised as suitable for ages 2-6 but I wasn’t sure if she’d sit and enjoy it, or after a few minutes we’d be making a sharp exit!

I am pleased to say that from the moment we walked into the room, she was mesmerised!  We were met by the only person in the show who was very welcoming and asked all of the children to sit on the huge beanbags set out in front of a couple of rows of chairs which were set out for the parents. The show was entertaining, and the storyteller kept all of the children engaged throughout. She used a variety of props to tell the story of Pitschi and her four brothers and sisters. Pitschi thinks she doesn’t want to be a kitten, she wants to be another animal and goes off on a little adventure getting into a few funny situations and scrapes along the way. The show was just long enough, just over half an hour in length plus an opportunity at the end to meet Pitschi and the other kittens, and sing a few songs.

I would recommend going to see this show.  I would say the majority of children there were little girls, and there were around 20 children in total which was just about right for the type of show which was quite interactive, really nice and intimate.

Reviewed by Carron Charlesworth