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The Civic’s New Work Weekend Supports Emerging Artists

The Civic’s New Work Weekend supports emerging experimental artists and companies, giving them a platform and our ‘stamp of approval’ as they pursue their creative journeys.

Kicking off the weekend on Friday night is A Place Called Happiness by Debs Gatenby. An honest, engaging show filled with stories and secrets shared, as Debs takes you on her journey off the sofa into the world in pursuit of happiness. Debs spent a year thinking about happiness. It brought her down. ‘A Place Called Happiness’ was a year in the making and is Debs’ response to society’s seeming obsession with happiness.

This is then followed with a piece by Yorkshire based choreographer Madeline Shann and her show Sex In Real Life. After a range of mishaps, misunderstandings and overdue revelations, Madeline could not help but take the countries’ feckless attempts at sex education personally, and felt it was time to intervene. Sex in Real Life is a mid-scale dance theatre piece about sex and sex education. A frank, funny and furious show about the things you are not told and have to find out the hard way.  About living up to the hype.  About being who you are and figuring out what you want. The show creates an interplay of diverse components; dance, physicality, comedy, text and music to provoke thought and discussion long after the audience has left the theatre.

Moving on to day 2 of the New Work Weekend, we see three former company members of Phoenix Dance Theatre who have joined forces and formed the dynamic trio SARDOVILLE. SARDOVILLE will kick off their tour at The Civic.

In anticipation of the premiere Phil Sanger said, “We are particularly excited to be able to launch the tour in Barnsley as it’s where I grew up, so of course this is where it all started for me and it’s like a home-coming. It does make it somewhat daunting but we have lots of support here and I know it will be an incredible experience. I have always felt massively encouraged by everyone at the Civic so I have had this venue on my radar for quite some time, the fact that it is a premiere makes it all the more special

Their brand new double bill of repertoire-esque theatre A Matter of Impression is a merging of two dance works with part one being devised by the trio themselves and part two having been choreographed by the highly acclaimed and award winning Luca Silvestrini of Protein Dance. Silvestrini has been instrumental in blending the two separate works into what is a now a powerfully vulnerable exposé of the dancers’ relationships. You will laugh, you will be on the edge of your seat, you might even cry.

And finally to top off a fantastic weekend, Caroline Liversidge brings her solo show A Living to The Civic. Drawing on her own experience of work and interviews with people of various careers and work situations, Caroline has worked with director Anna Ryder to create a 45 minute performance, described as part lecture, part call to industrial action.

Work is such a huge part of life and something we spend so much time preparing for, doing and recovering from,” says Caroline. “It's such a universal subject, one that we have found really resonates with our audiences.

Each evening is a double bill giving you two shows for the price of one in the evening. There is also the option of a weekend ticket giving you access to all four shows over the two nights with discount that you’d be mad not to take advantage of to see this fresh new talent in theatre.

New Work Weekend is at The Civic on Friday 17 February and Saturday 18 February at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 full price and £8 concessions for Evening Tickets. Tickets are £15 full price and £8 concessions for Weekend Tickets.