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Powerful Dance Inspired by Africa Coming to Barnsley

A new ground breaking dance is coming to The Civic

A brave and beautiful dance show is coming to The Civic. This visually stunning and moving piece has received rave reviews across the country and now it’s coming to Barnsley.

“The dancers are DYNAMITE”. The Guardian

Izindava is a mix of contemporary dance, ballet and African dance styles. A beautiful and haunting show, IZINDAVA will bring out emotions that make this performance unforgettable. African-born Bawren Tavaziva, who established the London based company in 2004, presents his new work Izindava, a dynamic and bold look at life in a changing world.

Having grown up with persecutions, mobs and segregation, Bawren’s memories of freedom all influence the performance. Izindava is a very personal piece about traumatic religious childhood fears, IZINDAVA also focusses on the power of dance, music and Rastafarianism. The word ‘Izindava’ translates as ‘news’ in the Zimbabwean language Ndebele and delves in to extraordinary emotions and the problems societies around the world face today.

‘I am yet to see a piece that makes me think and reflect … the way this did. The dancers were incredible, fully engaged in the work. Performed with more than just their bodies. Full body, mind and spirit’ Audience member

Bawren Tavaziva was born in a rural village in Zimbabwe. At the age of 12 he attended an outreach ballet project with the National Ballet of Zimbabwe at his local community centre. From day one, his determination and talent led him to a life-long passion for dance. He toured Africa dancing before coming to England to join Phoenix and Union dance. Later Bawren formed his own company, Tavaziva Dance, and produced numerous shows including Heart of Darkness 2009, Wild Dog 2010, Sensual Africa 2012. In 2014 the company celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a national tour of Tavaziva Ten.

“I wanted to create this work to explore why it is that the world we live in gives us so much fear. It is important for me to re-visit my past and give hope to future generations’ Bawren Tavaziva 

Expect stunning costumes and amazing choreography in this spectacular piece as you are transported into another world by the power of dance.

Izindava is at The Civic on Saturday 14 April at 7:30pm

Tickets are £12 and £10 conc