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Play about a Barnsley Vicar to show at The Civic this weekend

The Civic to show a story set in Barnsley about good people making bad decisions.

With playful comedy and an original soundtrack, Fringe First winner Dick Bonham’s new play tells the story of a Barnsley Vicar on a quest for peace in a chaotic time. 

A really imaginative setting, it was totally engaging, compelling and challenging.” John Battle MP

If I Say Jump is partly a contemporary Western, that happens to be set in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Actors Lynsey Jones (Red Ladder Theatre Co, Emmerdale) and Richard Galloway (Buglight Theatre, Cardboard Citizens) perform as a host of lovable but flawed characters, as they explore the unexpected consequences of snap decisions made with the best of intentions. This is a show for anyone who has ever asked themselves “why on earth did I just do that?”

Jenny rebelled against her husband’s plans for her, became a vicar and moved to Barnsley. Now she has problems. Her creepy ex-husband keeps sending her flowers – every day. The church hall is being renovated by a dodgy builder, who’s being investigated by the police. And her best friend Danny has turned up in the vestry with a gun. It’s Sunday morning and she hasn’t been to bed yet.

Danny’s an addict. Nearly a year sober. But he’s still got anger issues. And he’s just had a fight with his best mate Benson. So, when he turns to the church will Jenny be able to do the right thing? And does she even know what that is?

Following the success with community-based productions such as Wind of Change, this is Leeds based company Common Chorus’s first national touring production. Common Chorus make theatre inspired by real life stories that deserve to be heard. The idea for the story and characters of If I Say Jump came from director Simon Brewis’s experiences of working with people at Spacious Places addiction recovery centre in Leeds.

“It’s about how people can come together when times get crazy and help each other find peace in difficult times. Jenny, the Vicar is sort of a cowboy - always going off like the Lone Ranger to save someone. Her sidekick Danny is trying to help out, but he has problems with controlling his anger -  and as a result they end up in a right pickle. I can’t wait for us to get out on the road and share the story with audiences across the country.” Simon Brewis, Director

If I say Jump is part of New Work Weekend at The Civic, a unique opportunity to see some of the best in new northern performing art work. Taking place on Friday 11 May and Saturday 12 May, each evening has a double bill giving you two shows for the price of one with an Evening Ticket.  With a full Weekend Ticket priced at just £15 and including four fantastic shows this is a chance not to miss.

Drag Me To Love and Outrage are on Friday 11 May at 7.30pm.

Before (the line is lost) and If I Say Jump are on Saturday 12 May at 7.30pm.

Weekend tickets are £15 and £12 concession.

Evening tickets are £10 and £8 concession

Recommended for 16+