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New Circus Show at The Civic Looks at our Digital Obsession

Circus show comes to Barnsley, exploring our chaotic, digitally-obsessed lives.

How connected are you? Inspired by personal experiences, a new show by a circus dance duo which tells the story of our ever-busy phone obsessed lives comes to The Civic, Barnsley on Thursday 28 September.

It is rare nowadays not to ‘log in’ at every opportunity- the breakfast table, nights out with friends, even in bed! How well connected are you? When and how do we separate ourselves from the virtual chaos surrounding us?

Ex- stuntman Jan Patzke and ex- gymnast Olivia Quayle form Joli Vyann, an acclaimed circus/dance company who ask themselves these questions. The duo uses exciting acrobatics, dance and circus skills to explore modern issues, such as this digital obsession. After a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival 2016 they are bringing their new show Imbalance to Barnsley

"Joli Vyann pushes aside the boundaries between acrobatics and dance with a graceful and elegant show” Lyn Gardner- The Guardian

The company brings personal inspiration to the show. The pair started their relationship over a long distance relying on Skype and Facebook for contact. They know that the internet can be a fantastic tool for relationships, but it can also cause problems. Olivia in particular suffered a modern burn out, which saw her life thrown out of balance and caused a negative effect on her health. The company explores the fine line between being on and off balance, not only through the physical language of dance and circus but through the concept of being in control and terrifyingly out of control of our own lives.

Imbalance is a high-energy acrobatic show that questions whether technology helps or hinders us to achieve balance, and explores the dramatic affects technology can have on our relationships. See Jan throw Olivia into the air with ease and Olivia perform balances which seem gravity defying. Choreographed by Olivier Award Nominee Jonathan Lunn, this visually fantastic and thought-provoking performance is not to be missed.

It’s not simply the distraction of a text message or an email slyly peeked at during a conversation that takes us out of direct human interaction. There is also the dark side where personal contact is usurped by social media activity, where information overload leaves us feeling helpless and inadequate, and where the already unacceptable issue of victimising those who do not conform to the norm, has morphed into sinister trolling and cyberbullying” Jonathan Lunn, Choreographer

Switch off for the evening and immerse yourselves in a dance and circus show like no other.

Imbalance will be at The Civic on Thursday 28 September at 7:30pm

Tickets £12 | £10 conc

Recommended for 8+