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Mike Oldfield’s iconic Album Tubular Bells arranged for Brass.

A musical spectacular of Tubular Bells in Brass comes to South Yorkshire.

In a magnificent new music event a 28 piece brass band perform Mike Oldfield’s iconic album, Tubular Bells live to audiences in Barnsley.

“Absolutely terrific, and the most satisfying live musical event I’ve attended in years.” The Arts Desk

At the age of just 19 Mike Oldfield released a totally original, startling and mesmerising trip through new age prog rock. He called it Tubular Bells. The landmark album became one of the biggest selling albums of all time, and famously stayed in the charts for an incredible 279 weeks as well as gaining worldwide attention for its opening piano motif on the classic demonic-possession horror film The Exorcist.

44 years later acclaimed composer, conductor and arranger Sandy Smith presents a new score of the classic album performed live by Tubular Brass – a 28-piece brass band featuring some of the UK’s finest players. The size and flexibility of the ensemble allows Tubular Bells to be heard in a new light. It is a wholly unique, collaborative sound and seemingl, a first of its kind both live and on record.

Describing his early inspirations for the piece Sandy Smith said “There are in the musical lives of all of us, certain special albums that we remember and listen to again and again with true fondness. For me, Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells was one such album. I can easily remember when it hit the charts, and I listened, utterly amazed, as it stayed there far longer than any instrumental album had any right doing.”

“It is almost impossible to convey to those not around at the time the seismic impact which the release of Tubular Bells had on young, enquiring musical minds.” He continues “As a brass player and arranger it has been a long held ambition to re-cast the work in brass clothing.”

With the addition of a special performance of Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia by electronic artist and composer Hannah Peel that combines synthesizers and brass to stunning effect, the audiences are taken on an otherworldly journey.

Through an intergalactic journey from Earth to the star constellation of Cassiopeia, Peel explores one person's journey through space, time and mortality by telling the story of 86-year-old Mary Casio and her lifelong stargazing dream to leave her South Yorkshire home in the mining town of Barnsley and see Cassiopeia for herself.

The Magnificent show which was named as “No.1 Music Pick Of The  Edinburgh Festival” by The Skinny Mag will be coming to the home of brass bands, Barnsley. Journey to Cassiopeia was recorded live on location at The Civic, Barnsley so it makes a perfect spot for the only Yorkshire stop on the tour.

Tubular Bells + Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia will appear on the 21 October at The Civic, sending tingles down the spine of the audience this Halloween season. The show also features specially commissioned audio visuals by Daniel Conway.

Tubular Bells + Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia will be at The Civic, Barnsley on Saturday 21 October at 7:30pm.

Tickets £16

Presented in association with the PRS Foundation, Arts Council England and Root Music.