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Lose Yourself at The Civic with Artist Michelle Clarke Stables

Lose Yourself at The Civic with Artist Michelle Clarke Stables

Artist Michelle Clarke-Stables got lost in her latest project, and took a trip to the home of revered sculptor Barbara Hepworth.

Michelle created ‘Lost in something’, a sculptural-based project that retraces her art career which started as a sculpture student more than 20 years ago.

Over the years Michelle has always continued to make work but has slowly drifted away from her sculpture roots.

"As my materials changed over the years, I seemed to drift further away from making sculptures even though I've always been a sculptor - a sculptor that's used layered text, video and now paint," she said.

"I always describe myself as a sculptor trying to paint, as I have no idea about painting but I know about form and shape. I never see them as paintings, to me they are colourful sculptures. The truth is that sculpture is much harder to practise, you need space, more material and somewhere that will itself become a piece of art - a sculptor's studio can't be used for anything else, it becomes an ever changing sculpture."

For the first time in many years she has finally got a sculpting studio and casting space, sponsored by the Barnsley creative charity EnRich, and is making sculptures.

Michelle has just returned from a research trip to St Ives where she was able to visit the home and studio of the late Barbara Hepworth, one of the few female artists to achieve international prominence.

As a teenager I was completely obsessed with Barbara Hepworth and being an artist and sculptor. While other teens dreamed of grown up adventures I was lost in the magic of making and following my dream. I spent every minute looking at art, reading about art and making art."

Lost in something is not only about returning to those roots years on but about the joy of being lost while making, it could be art or music whatever you love to do. There’s something beautiful about that moment you are lost in work and things happen in a spontaneous way

The first stage of the new project is showing at The Civic this summer; there will be a selection of abstract paintings on show along with sculptural plaster sketches and drawings.  

Lost in Something is exhibiting on the Panorama at The Civic from Saturday 9 July to Saturday 27 August. Open daily, 10am-5pm.

All exhibitions are free admission.