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Finest emerging northern artists perform new work in Barnsley

Neon bobs, a vicar who moved to Barnsley and total outrage as The Civic host a theatrical showcase of some of the best in new northern performing art work, in special weekend event.

Dedicated to bringing top quality new performances to Barnsley, The Civic will be hosting a weekend of New Work this May. Featuring 4 shows with exciting new talent in theatre.

The Civic are passionate about programming new writing and performance from some of the UK’s finest emerging experimental artists and companies. New Work Weekend supports these artists and companies, giving them a platform and a ‘stamp of approval’ as they pursue their creative journeys.

The weekend kicks off, with golden stilettos, ripped fishnets and neon bobs as queer/drag/alternative inspired trio, Bonnie and The Bonnettes present Drag me to Love.

Set in Doncaster, 2009 the show follows a 14 year old drag queen. Set against a backdrop of pop anthems and glitter this autobiographical, three person show, follows Cameron as he throws himself into a pair of 6-inch stilettos. But not everything is as it seems and the glamorous world of drag soon fades away. It’s the uncertainty of your own identity and the creation of a new one. It’s about finding a safe place between the two. You are bound to fall as we drag you into love.

[it] is touching, full of teenage yearning and discoveryA Younger Theatre

Next it’s time to make the most controversial show ever: Outrage by Leeds based, Uncanny Theatre who have been part of The Civic’s CARP program (Civic Artist Residency Program) and performed at last season’s Civic Scratch.

In a world where certain public figures get people talking about them no matter how shocking they get, Uncanny Theatre have decided to have a go at being famous themselves for once. Starting with the premise that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, they plan to stir up enough Twitter controversy during the show to gain them (at least temporary) infamy. With audience interaction onstage and online, the whole experience is framed as a game, silly, topical and playful. Until suddenly, it isn’t…

By the end of the show, I had absolutely fallen in love with all of the characters. I left feeling more alive than I had in a while.” North West End

On Saturday, the event continues with Before (the line is lost) by Holly Gallagher. Following an 11 year old and her first trip to a comic convention, Before (the line is lost) is a one woman show about Cosplay and growing up on the internet. It addresses the world of comic conventions and consent both in reality and online through storytelling, autobiographical experience, and verbatim materials gathered through interviews with people of varying ages, races, and genders from the UK, USA, and Canada.

joyous, angry, upsetting, inspirational work.” Third Angel

Wrapping up an eventful weekend is If I say Jump by Leeds based Common Chorus, a story about good people making bad decisions.

Jenny rebelled against her husband’s plans for her, became a vicar and moved to Barnsley. But now she’s got problems. Her creepy ex-husband keeps sending her flowers and won’t sign the divorce papers. The church hall is being renovated by a dodgy builder, who’s being investigated by the police. And her best friend Danny has turned up in the vestry with a gun.

This show is a bold and exhilarating tale of contemporary Britain. A show for anyone who has ever asked themselves “why did I just do that?” It skilfully blends storytelling, comedy, original music and a live soundscape to chart a morally ambiguous quest for peace and wellbeing in a chaotic time.

A really imaginative setting, it was totally engaging, compelling and challenging.” John Battle MP

Taking place on Friday 11 May and Saturday 12 May, each evening has a double bill giving you two shows for the price of one with an Evening Ticket. There is also the option of a weekend ticket giving you access to all four shows over the two nights. With such fantastic new work on show, you’d be mad to miss New Work Weekend.

Drag Me To Love and Outrage are on Friday 11 May at 7.30pm.

Before (the line is lost) and If I Say Jump are on Saturday 12 May at 7.30pm.

Weekend tickets are £15 and £12 concession.

Evening tickets are £10 and £8 concession

Recommended for 16+