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Ever wondered if you missed your chance to be wild?

A new theatre/music performance tells the tale of a folk legend and wild child.

Performed with honesty and an open heart. Audience member

Sonya Moorhead has been spinning a lot of plates recently; she’s really good at it but she’s definitely not the untamed woman she thought she’d be by now. Sometimes she feels like a feral beast backed into a corner.  There’s no escaping social expectation and she fears she’s missed her chance.    

“It’s a massive feminist callout! Esther Ferry-Kennington, Horse and Bamboo Theatre

In September 2017 Sonya headed off on a hitchhiking mission to Oban to find reluctant 60’s folk legend and notorious wild child Anne Briggs.  Sonya was drowning in domesticity and she thought Anne could swoop in and save her. 

Anne Briggs is an influential accapella British folk singer from the 60s, who is said to have influenced the likes of Jimmy page and Barnsley’s own Kate Rusby. “her almost complete withdrawal from the public eye and refusal to record any new music since the early 1970s has lent her a kind of mythological status. She has always walked with one foot in another world, as it were.”

Feral asks why women are taking on more ‘mental load’ than ever before. Its double-bill format means audiences get the benefit of two shows in one: an intimate storytelling performance that harnesses live music by The Greyhounds to revives Briggs’ music, with the odd party trick from Sonya. Feral tells an intimate story with universal application, empowering audiences to make wilder choices.

Sonya Moorhead is warm and funny as she expresses some of her deepest vulnerabilities and pressures. Tom Besford, Touchstones Rochdale

Feral is at The Civic, Barnsley on Friday 29 March at 7:30pm

Tickets are £12 | £10 conc

Live music throughout and after show gig by The Greyhounds


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