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Circus show is a Party for the family in Barnsley

The Party, a fun family show at The Civic

What happens when you don’t get your own way? This fast paced circus show at The Civic finds out.

The Civic are excited to host The Party, a fun and colourful circus show with silliness, clowning, juggling, bike tricks and acrobatics.

“The Party is brilliant! All the fun of the circus, but set within a world that all children know, so they intuitively connect with it which enhances their enjoyment all the more. Genuinely one of the best children's shows I have seen in a long time.” Annabel Turpin; Chief Exec and programmer, ARC Stockton

A man excitedly waits for the guests to arrive at his party. The cake is made, the presents have arrived, and the music is playing – all he needs are his friends to make this the best birthday ever. Enter some unexpected guests: a French cyclist, a man dressed as a giant chicken and a mysterious stranger who has apparently never had a birthday. What ensues is an endlessly entertaining topsy-turvy show that humorously explores difficult topics such as sharing, social exclusion, and not always getting what you want.

The Party is a fantastically engaging show for young people to enjoy with the whole family… and there’s even pass the parcel.

“Absolutly Faultless. Just the right about of fun and silliness with stunning circus skills integrated beautifully into a very entertaining and fast paced show… pure indulgent entertainment.” North West End

Nearly There Yet uses creative, physical work to excite, engage, and entertain. They connect people through an ordinary approach to the extraordinary worlds of circus and performance. The company create performances for adults and families, made for both in and outdoor spaces. This touring family show has been performed all over the country including Watermans, The Lowry, ARC, Polka and The Royal Festival Hall. 

“The Party played at Polka Theatre over half term week and was a huge success. A very skilled company, and overwhelmingly positive responses from our audiences. I really loved it, a superb show!” Pete Glanville; Artistic Director, Polka Theatre, London.

The Party is on at The Civic on Sunday 8 April at 2:30pm

Tickets £8 | £6 conc | £5 child

Recommended for 3+