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Celebrate The Best Of Barnsley With Two New Exhibitions At The Civic

An exciting new season lies ahead at The Civic. We open our season with an engaging exhibition to mark the 20th Anniversary of the well loved film Brassed Off, celebrating Barnsley’s rich heritage of brass music.

The Gallery at The Civic presents an exhibition to commorate the 20th anniversary of the bitter sweet gem that is Brassed Off. One side of the exhibition will consist of Turner Prize Nominee Cornelia Parker, a London-based sculptor and installation artist. Her piece, called Perpetual Canon, is an installation that engulfs the floor and walls. Her work is regarded internationally for its complex, darkly humourous, ironic style. The second side of the gallery is occupied by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller whose piece, The History of the World 1997-2004 fuses traditional brass music and acid house.

The exhibition celebrates and explores the varied cultural significance of the regions’ brass band history, how it unites people within communities and celebrates their resilance and strength.

As the new season kicks off, The Civic introduce a new exhibition on the Panorama in which the subject is one many of you will be familiar with. Striving for Adequacy is a visual kick-about through the cultural existence of a club that has spent more seasons in the second tier of English football than any other - Barnsley Football Club.

The exhibition will be formed from numerous divergent sources, many of them the personal and private memories, collections, and archives of supporters. Striving for Adequacy will construct an alternative visual study of the history of B.F.C. A history that isn’t a skimming of the headlines, but an exploration the footnotes.

The reactionary chants; the satire; the self-deprecation; treasured memories of halcyon days; the laughter; the tears; the joy; and naturally the pain. There will be something all supporters can identify with, as after all they are as much Barnsley FC as anything else.

All curated by a supporter, with supporters and for the supporters of the beautiful reds. Striving for Adequacy is a fond and honest portrayal of the real elements that make Barnsley FC the club we love, love to hate, and hate to love.

Brassed Off is at The Gallery at The Civic on Saturday 10 September – Saturday 19 November 2016. The Gallery at The Civic opening times are Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm. FREE Admission.

Striving for Adequacy is on the Panorama at The Civic on Saturday 10 September – Saturday 19 November 2016. Open daily, 10am - 6pm. FREE Admission.

For more information visit or call the Box Office on 01226 327000.