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CARP Takeover At The Civic

Each year The Civic, Barnsley open their doors to Northern artists from any discipline at any stage in their career to take part in their Civic Artist Residency Programme - CARP. Two of our current CARP participators, Gracefool Collective and Madeline Shann are in full swing utilising The Civic space to create innovative work

This summer we are hosting Gracefool Collective; a group of innovative and exciting female dance artists, all graduates from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. Their mission is to create work exploring the nuances of our everyday interactions, to delve into the ordinary and the extraordinary in equal measure, and shine a light on the quirks and eccentricities of modern society. Interweaving dance, theatre and comedy, they strive to make accessible and captivating work for audiences, luring them with the occasional reference to David Hasselhoff.

The collective, consisting of Kate Cox, Sofia Edstrand, Rachel Fullegar and Rebecca Holmberg, are not only creating new work but are also constantly looking at ways to support the creative development of artists in a similar field and guide them to a career. Their hard work is recognised by the Arts Council as they have received five successful ACE grants in their short, yet powerful presence.

Madeline Shann, born and raised in Sheffield, is a theatre maker, choreographer, writer and performer. Her practice is versatile, drawing on a multitude of disciplines, such as theatre, musical composition, performance, multi-media and various dance styles including contemporary, breakdance, and European folk.

With an emphasis on the intention behind the aesthetic, she works to tease out idiosyncrasies of human behaviour to ask wider questions about our world, and to make work that is both accessible and emotionally resonant. Her recent work has included are Sex in Real Life a dance theatre performance project about sex and sex education and Dust, a collaboration with playwright Isley Lynn, and an experiment looking at the possibilities of interplay between dance and scripted drama.

Last year’s CARP saw participants 154 Collective use the space and resources to create their production Under The Bed:

The residency has been fantastic for us. Being giving the space, time and support that schemes such as CARP offer (especially without the pressure to 'produce' something by the end) is invaluable and like gold dust to get. We have made huge strides towards realising the production Under the Bed as a result (as well as finding another artist to work with), so thank you Civic for having us….

The aims of CARP are to offer a safe and supportive environment for artists to play, explore, take risks and develop their work. The Civic actively support artists to realise their artistic ideas from the relevant to the ambitious. The programme further develops the Civics’ own program to be a more progressive, forward thinking venue that is passionate about artistic development. It is becoming a stronger creative hub for developing work and engaging with new audiences and continues to support artists from and working in the North of England.

If you are an artist looking for opportunities for artistic development, visit The Civic website to see how we can help:

CARP 2017 will be open for applications later this year.