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Call out for local football stories and images.

Football Stories needed for show at The Civic

Next Door Dance are producing a play all about football and they need your help!

Are you a football fan? Has football affected your life? Next Door Dance would love to hear from you.

Dance company, Next Door Dance are looking for football related tales and images, to make up part of their performance of The Beautiful Game at The Civic next month.

The Beautiful Game is a laugh-out-loud look at Britain’s undying obsession with football, celebrating everything from weird match day rituals to ridiculous arm chair punditry. A theatrical and highly physical show, passionately performed by four females, The Beautiful Game will lead you through the highs and lows of being a British football fan. It may even attempt to explain the offside rule.

Made in collaboration with die-hard football fans and players, The Beautiful Game delves directly to the heart of football. Packed with unforgettable goals, set to a backdrop of chant-a-long hits and full to the brim with nostalgia, It is a show for all the family, both the fanatic and the impartial spectator.

On 18 May Next Door Dance will bring The Beautiful Game to The Civic for a one off show with a local theme. The special show in Barnsley will be adapted to local culture and will feature contributions from Barnsley fans.

If you have stories, photos, memorabilia, or even your own chants, songs or dances, please get in touch with Jen at or phone on 07446 739786. 

Your contribution may be featured in this fantastic production!

Send your story, images, video etc to: or contact Jen on 07446 739786. 

The Beautiful Game will be at The Civic on Friday 18 May at 7:30pm.

Tickets £12 and £10 concession

Recommended for 12+