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BBC star reflects on 291 mile historical Jarrow Crusade Walk.

Stuart Maconie follows in the steps of the Jarrow Crusaders, and comes to Barnsley to tell the tale.

In 1936 around 200 men walked 291 miles in Jarrow Crusade protest walk. Eighty years later, author and presenter Stuart Maconie followed in their footsteps. Now he returns to Barnsley to reflect on Britain then and now in Stuart Maconie: Jarrow; Road to the Deep South UK Tour 2017.

On the 5 October 1936, around 200 crusaders marched 291 miles in 29 days in protest against the mass unemployment and extreme poverty suffered in the British Tyneside town of Jarrow during the time. The Crusade was born in a society facing a growing problem of inequality, injustice and the rise of fascist tendencies. They marched all the way from Jarrow in Durham to London carrying a petition to parliament.

Eighty years later, last autumn, acclaimed writer and broadcaster Stuart Maconie walked the long route, retracing this famous Jarrow Crusade. With so much time past from the original crusade, this journey through a divided, post-Brexit, complex country, echoes 1936 in many ways. Stuart’s brand new live show Jarrow; Road To The Deep South is a hugely entertaining, impassioned and enlightening reflection of his journey through Britain then and now.

“The thirties in some ways start to look very much like today – once you wipe away the snot and coal dust” Stuart Maconie

Based on his brand new book Long Road From Jarrow (Ebury Press) this show will mostly be performed in venues along the route taken by the marchers. South Yorkshire took up day 12 and 13 of the crusade, with the Marchers facing the worst weather so far, gale force winds and bitterly cold showers on day 12 from Sheffield to Chesterfield.

Join Stuart at The Civic this November to reflect on his walk and a changing Britain in a highly entertaining way.

“If this is what ‘Northerners’ do for entertainment then it’s a good night out in my book” Matt Forest, The Review Hub

Stuart is a bestselling author of travel, culture and social history books as well as one of Britain’s most prolific TV and radio presenter and DJ, co-hosting daily the Radcliffe and Maconie Show on BBC 6 Music. Stuart’s books include: Pies and Prejudice, Adventures on The High Teas, Cider with Roadies, Hope and Glory and The Peoples Songs. His work has been compared with Bill Bryson, Alan Bennett and John Peel. He has won the Sony Radio Award for Music Broadcaster of the Year and he has been described by The Times as a national treasure.

Stuart Maconie: Jarrow Road to the Deep South is at The Civic on Saturday 18 November 2017 at 8:00pm. Tickets are £15