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Artists Take Over The Civic This Summer

Each summer The Civic runs the Civic Artistic Residency Programme - CARP, for artists based in the North of England. CARP is a flexible programme aiming to support artists in the process of creating work, developing and experimenting with new ideas in a creative and supportive arts environment.

Two of our current CARP participators, Frolicked and LUNG, are in full swing in The Civic creating innovative and inspiring new work to take out into the world!

Frolicked is run by puppet maker and performer, Beka Haigh, and was founded in 2006 by Beka Haigh and Rachel Wakelin-Kirby. They are an outdoor puppet theatre company who create puppet-filled experiences for unusual locations, with memorable, beautifully self-crafted creatures and characters. They are the first company ever to devise and run a puppet-orientated pervasive gaming experiences. Their new work The Rat Race is a game: an audience driven performance piece, where the participants (or willing lab rats as they are appropriately named) are presented with a selected series of choices. Completely interactive, at various stages in the performance, the audience must vote between possibilities, thereby determining just what and how our intelligent puppets navigate the history of society. The rats will hold a mirror to humanity to demonstrate what life is really like in ‘the rat race’ and how it all began.

LUNG (formally known as FYSA) have used to program to create the dark comedy Dolly Wants To Die produced by Matt Woodhead. Helen Monks plays Dolly; a potty-mouthed, chain-smoking, whiskey-swigging china doll. A comic satire on modern times, ‘Dolly Wants to Die’ presents familiar issues in an imaginary world. A victim of Cameron’s Britain - isolated and stuck; poor and purposeless; overworked and undervalued - Dolly is suicidal. Through songs, dance and copious expletives Dolly’s secrets begin to bubble to the surface and her dark past is revealed. But as the cuckoo clock keeps ticking, audience members must decide: can they convince her that life is worth living, or will they help Dolly to die?

CARP 2015 Artist Hayley Youell, spoke about her time at The Civic: “I am feeling recharged and inspired… without the vital support from of The Civic’s CARP Programme, Sarah Shead (Spin Arts) and funding from Arts Council England, these invaluable and exciting opportunities wouldn’t have come to life.”

The aims of CARP are to offer a safe and supportive environment for artists to play, explore, take risks and develop their work. The Civic actively support artists to realise their artistic ideas from the relevant to the ambitious. The programme further develops the Civics’ own program to be a more progressive, forward thinking venue that is passionate about artistic development. It is becoming a stronger creative hub for developing work and engaging with new audiences and continues to support artists from and working in the North of England.

If you are an artist looking for opportunities for artistic development, visit The Civic website to see how we can help:

CARP 2017 will be open for applications later this year.