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A multi-sensory, immersive theatre show for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities is coming to The Civic

The Isle of Brimsker is the latest bold and exciting production devised specifically for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) to show at The Civic.

Following the success of HOME (2016), specialist theatre company Frozen Light present a new multi-sensory story for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities. The highly trained performers present each show to a maximum of 20 audience members (including just 6 with PMLD), allowing total interactivity and a truly immersive experience for audiences that are not always catered for in the theatre experience.

“joy and delight coming from the onlookers when faced with the lights, the shadows, the sensations. And it was easy to see the way the carers, families and friends cherished the chance to relax with their loved ones in a public space, and be told a simple story.” WhatsOnStage

Exploring friendship, isolation and how we react to change, The Isle of Brimsker immerses audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) in a multi-sensory story of discovery.

The play follows a lighthouse keeper who lives on an island surrounded by stormy seas. Duty bound to maintain the light that guides boats away from danger, she lives a solitary existence. One day a runaway lands on the shore, together they face the inevitable. Change is on the horizon but not in the form she expects. How do you survive when faced with the biggest decisions of your life? Would you change the world or change yourself?

Frozen Light devised this accessible and inclusive production especially for adults and young adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). The company wants to engage with new audiences across the country, enabling more people with PMLD than ever the chance to experience the theatre throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

“The way the show is so carefully tailored to the audience’s needs provides a vital reminder that theatre can accommodate everyone.” The Stage

There are a small number of theatre companies in the UK, and throughout the world, that make work designed for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, so for many in the audience seeing Frozen Light will be their first time in a mainstream theatre venue. Frozen Light Co-Artistic Director Amber Onat Gregory, said ‘The theatre should be for everybody, and more and more venues are starting to look at their programme to see how they can be more accessible, how they can reach all sections of society. With this tour we will be reaching more people with PMLD than ever which we are really excited about.’

‘The performance blended all five senses, we didn’t just watch we felt it, we heard it, we could smell it and we could touch it. To Zack that is conversation, that is interaction and that is bringing the world to him.’ The boy with five names

Performing to an intimately sized audience, the three-strong cast accompanies the audience from the foyer into the performance space, ensuring a smooth transition into the theatre environment. One-to-one interactions with the audience include singing directly to an audience member and offering props to be touched and closely examined. Specially composed music is integrated throughout the performance.

‘The palpable joy of the audience, many witnessing live performance in a theatre environment for the first time is a wonder to behold.’ Sarah Holmes - Chief Executive, New Wolsey

Lucy Garland, Frozen Light’s other Co-Artistic director, added “We are really thrilled about our new show The Isle of Brimsker. With this production we have pushed the sensory exploration further than ever before and can’t wait to see what reactions our audience have to the show.”

The Isle of Brimsker is at The Civic on:

Thursday 7 February 2019 at 1:00pm & 6:00pm

Friday 8 February 2019 at 11:00am & 1:30pm

Tickets are £8, £6 for people with PMLD, carers go free.

Recommended for 13+

For more information and to book these events and more visit or call the Box Office on 01226 327000.