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A ballsy tribute to the nations favourite sport playing in Barnsley

A special show about Football is kicking off at The Civic, featuring contributions from Barnsley football fans.

"Better than the game itself" Audience Member

Over the past few months, Next door dance have been collecting stories, images and other content from Barnsley residents for a show all about Football. This May they will put it all together in The Beautiful Game, a ballsy tribute to the nations favourite sport.

this is a witty, clever celebration of soccer in all its forms, from schoolboy kick-about to international glory… it’s a game in one half, and one that anyone wanting an original, accomplished experience shouldn’t miss. ” Robbie Carnegie, Buxton Fringe

The Beautiful Game is a laugh-out-loud look at Britain’s undying obsession with football, celebrating everything from weird match day rituals to ridiculous arm chair punditry, professional fouls and football widows. A theatrical and highly physical show, passionately performed by four women, The Beautiful Game will lead you through the highs and lows of being a British football fan. It may even attempt to explain the offside rule.

Made in collaboration with die-hard football fans and players, the show delves directly to the heart of football. Barnsley will feature in this unique performance, with special nods to the town and team, taken from contributions from locals as well as real commentary from memorable games that will take you back to the moment they happened.

Somewhere between a theatre and dance show, with comedy and sketch show vibes, The Beautiful Game is packed with unforgettable goals and set to a backdrop of chant-a-long hits including the likes of Depeche ModeSpandau Ballet and more. This brilliant show is full to the brim with nostalgia and has been described as “like being at a party.” It is a show for all the family, both the fanatic and the impartial spectator.

"I rarely see shows that are this inventive, playful and irresistible. It is [a] laugh-out-loud funny, warm and very human… It makes football fans love dance, and makes everyone love football." Fiona Buffini, Associate Director, Nottingham Playhouse

This performance of The Beautiful Game will also include pre-show fun as the foyer will become a colourful fan zone filled with fun and interactive activities. Next Door Dance will host football sticker swaps and keepie uppie competitions, see who can tie their laces the fastest while wearing keeper gloves, play table football and more. Wearing your team colours and donning face paint will be encouraged! You can even get silly in the photo booth.

The show kicks off at The Civic on 18 May, be sure to catch it.

The Beautiful Game will be at The Civic on Friday 18 May at 7:30pm.

Tickets £12 and £10 concession

Recommended for 12+