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1 Weekend, 2 Evenings, 4 New Works and a slice of pizza.

There will be clowning, a granny, magic and more as The Civic host a theatrical showcase of some of the best in new northern performing art, in special weekend event.

Dedicated to bringing top quality new performances to Barnsley, The Civic will be hosting a weekend of New Work this October. Featuring 4 shows with exciting new talent in theatre.

The Civic is passionate about programming new writing and performance from some of the UK’s finest emerging experimental artists and companies. This special event, NewWorkWeekend supports these artists and companies, giving them a platform and a ‘stamp of approval’ as they pursue their creative journeys.

A showcase of some of the UK's finest emerging and experimental artists, NewWorkWeekend offers up a double bill of amazing new performances each night – two dynamic new shows for the price of one. This weekend we're switching up our offer for our biannual showcase of northern talent. Now, for just £10 for an evening ticket you will see two exciting new shows in one night plus, there will be free pizza.

In one weekend there will be politics, clowning, magic, a granny and it'll probably all end in a civil war (You'll see what we mean).


First up on Friday 12 we have an urgent and provocative story about human relationships, communications and our impact on the natural world.

Blending stunning visuals and imaginative storytelling, The Economy of Ecology by Manic Chord Theatre uncovers the power of human touch and the unexpected links between all things, questioning whether we are a touch-deprived culture.

“An unforgettable experience… dazzling theatre, the result is truly brilliant” EdFringeReview (Don’t Let Go)


Following an interval (and pizza) will be Wonders, Wonders, Wonders by Markmark Productions. This exciting new production is the story of the first Master of Spin, Colonel Gustavus Katterfelto. This is a spectacle of circus, clowning, physical theatre, dance and music, a comedic drama about spin, spectacle and showmanship

"I had to begrudgingly admit - You were brilliant... You guys are comedy gold... I cried tears of joy and might have even laughed a bit of wee out too." Audience Member


On Saturday 13 we start off with Granny’s story. BEAM by Lucy Haighton is based on a true story. It’s about hope, a celebration of the bravery and risks taken by an older generation.

This is Granny's story – 10 pairs of knickers, a leap, a waft of lavender, a blue suit, and true love. True love? Does that even exist anymore? Times are hard, put on your slipper socks and join Granny – she has something sweet to share.

“Beam is like a throwback to a more simple time - just hearing how granny tries to describe Tinder is worth the price of admission alone” Exeunt Magazine


After a break and pizza, the conclusion to the weekend is a piece of award-winning interactive theatre that takes you on a new adventure every night.

In the show, there are two types of ticket. Everyone gets a Standard ticket. You must earn an Elite ticket. Standards work to build the story, Elites control which path the story takes. That's fair, right? Make your own choices. Tell your own story. Create your own class war.

Standard:Elite by Hidden Track Theatre combines storytelling, live gaming and real audience choices to put you at the heart of the story.

“Social commentary at its finest – creative, thought-provoking and masses of fun” The Badger


Taking place on Friday 12 October and Saturday 13 October, each evening has a double bill giving you two shows for the price of one with an Evening Ticket. There is also the option of a weekend ticket giving you access to all four shows over the two nights. Each ticket includes a free slice of pizza. With such a fantastic offer and amazing new work on show you’d be mad to miss New Work Weekend.


The Economy of Ecology and Wonders, Wonders, Wonders! are on Friday 12 October 2018 at 7:30pm

BEAM and Standard:Elite are on Saturday 13 October 2018 at 7:30pm

Weekend tickets are £15 and £12 concession.

Evening tickets are £10 and £8 concession

Free slice of pizza with every ticket, each night.


For more information and to book visit or call the Box Office on 01226 327000.