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As we are in a National Lockdown our Gallery is currently closed. 

We are planning on opening the Gallery on 20 May with Perfect Imperfects and Taking Liberties! 

The Gallery will be open Thurs-Sat only and advanced booking is required, either on our website or via our Box Office team 01226 327000. 

Please note that visitors will be required to wear a face covering in the building, unless medically exempt, and be required to maintain 2m distance between household groups and any other Gallery visitors, keeping left where possible.  

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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Perfect Imperfects

Opening 20 May 

Location: Gallery 

We are excited to welcome one of the UK’s rising stars and coolest new talents – award-winning artist Jasper Pedyo, for a major exhibition in his adopted hometown.

This young Zimbabwean artist whose family fled to Britain after political persecution put their lives at risk, has already won the prestigious 2018 Free Range exhibition prize in London for his striking mixed media paintings which feature a bold use of binary colours on stretched and shaped canvases.

Jasper graduated from Leeds Arts University in 2018 with a BA Hons. in Fine Art. He was the overall winner at the Free-range graduate show at the Truman Brewery selected by a panel of industry experts. He was also the critic’s choice graduate for the Financial Times.

Jasper’s paintings are highly influenced by the philosophy of Alexander Baumgarten, who coined the term ‘aesthetics’ in 1735. Aestheticism, to Jasper, is very important. Whilst combining influences from Pop Art and minimalism they “intend to provide viewer with an environment of visual bliss; the work’s purpose is to be experienced solely with an instinctive and physical response to its structure, colour, and surrounding space.”

Jasper has visited the gallery from a very young age and it’s great to see how his practice has developed over those years. We feel that Jasper has one of the most outstanding bodies of work that we have encountered and are thrilled it has been produced by an artist working only a few miles from the gallery door.

This young artist’s entire body of work is to be exhibited, alongside newly created works.


Opening 20 May 

Location: Gallery – Panorama

British artist Jamie Reid is an iconoclast, anarchist, punk, hippie, shit-stirring rebel & romantic. Infamously and eternally connected with the Sex Pistols and the DIY ethic of punk.

Following the recent show of Reid’s protest works at the Horse Hospital, we are pleased to announce the opening of Taking Liberties! Jamie Reid’s Political Work 1970-2020 in association with the John Marchant Gallery.

The collection features drawings, stickers, posters, banners and publications from Reid’s seminal but rarely seen early 70’s Suburban Press period, through 1980’s and 1990’s campaigns against the Poll Tax, English Heritage, the Criminal Justice Bill and Clause 28. It will also include his recent work for Pussy Riot, Occupy London and Extinction Rebellion.

Taking Liberties! addresses an important part of this most influential of artist’s work to date, after all, at its heart punk was both romantic and political, and Reid was the acknowledged driving force of rage against the monarchy, the state and the status quo.

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