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Visible Girls: Revisited

Recommended for schools

A photographic exhibition by Anita Corbin, reuniting women with their adolescent selves; images revealing how we feel about, and reflect upon, our identity and society at the various stages in our lives.

Images taken in the 1980s of pairs of teenage girls in subcultures (Punk, Mod, Rasta, etc) are exhibited with new images of the same women digitally shot 35 years. Provoking discussion on ‘social tribes’, the power of belonging and belief, the imagery of cultural allegiance, gender and identity.

How had the stories of these women panned out? Did that scowling party girl now have three teenage kids? Was that skinhead now a 55-year-old office worker leading a simple life? Was that punk a yoga teacher?


Image - Badger and Maria in the 'ladies', The White Swan, Crystal Palace, Nov 1980 © Anita Corbin