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Upside Down

  • Date

    Sun 27 Oct


    The Civic - Assembly Room (Unallocated)


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Two characters live on different levels, they move along opposite sides and look at things from different points of view. Each of them lives life with their own certainties and fears, both scared but curious to meet the other. The only common element between them is a small red cat that lives on both floors. It will be the escape of their four-legged friend to let them finally meet and give life to a chase that will soon become a journey full of discoveries and wonders. A research that will slowly connect the two protagonists allowing to lose themselves and enjoy their journey, almost forgetting the reason of their meeting. Maybe by chance, maybe not, spaces turn upside down and points of view cross in a new upturned and shared dimension.

Tickets: £8 | £6 Conc | £5 Child

Please note, tickets purchased seven days in advance can be posted to you, but may incur a small fee. Alternatively tickets can be collected from the Box Office during opening hours or prior to the event or performance.