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Art Works: Framed by Nature

Recommended for schools

Framed by nature is an exhibition showcasing works by artists from Rotherham and Sheffield with physical and learning disabilities.   The works featured are artworks and designs based on visits to Wentworth Woodhouse.  The artists have focussed on the wildlife and environment we have seen firsthand during our volunteer placement working in the gardens.  Some pieces carefully illustrate the animals we have seen, whilst others create artwork through marks made with foliage found in the gardens. The designs mimic the wallpaper and patterns found in the interior of Wentworth Woodhouse through repetition but add a new dimension through drawing on the gardens for inspiration and through the lively use of bright colour.

Artworks South Yorkshire is a non for profit creative arts organisation, inspiring and helping adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential and develop important life skills through creative workshops and placements.

We focus on achievement, self-belief, collaborative practice and teamwork whilst supporting our artists to play an active role within their community.

ArtWorks aim to challenge people’s perceptions of intellectual disabilities through celebrating the creativity and ambition of our artists.