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Past Projects

Past Projects

Moved by Art

Moved By Art 2014 is a multi-disciplinary arts project from partners David Sinclair (Gallery @ The Civic Barnsley), Charlotte Armitage ( and Wayne Sables (Wayne Sables Project) and funded by the Arts Council, England. The aim of Moved By Art is to enthuse and engage artists, young people, the local and wider community in appreciation, exploration, collaboration and creation of high quality mixed genre artwork, inspired by and in response to specific exhibitions curated by the Gallery @ The Civic in Barnsley.

Moved By Art 'Velo'.

After a number of visits to The Bike Show at the Gallery, a visual artist worked to create a grand bike inspired sculpture as a centrepiece to the first phase of the project. Two groups of young people from Horizon CC and Darton College then created, alongside two choreographers, bike-related performance pieces interacting with and around the sculpture. These high-energy pieces were then performed at Horizon CC for the Princess Anne visit, Darton College for many young audience members and at Locke Park for the final grand celebration event.

Moved By Art 'Coal'.

'Coal' worked with two different groups of young people from Barnsley College and Horizon CC. Under the leadership of poet James Nash, students responded to the Coalfields exhibition at the Gallery by creating powerful poetry, protest posters, photography and placards. To connect with Barnsley's rich coal history, the final works were performed in the Gallery alongside their own artwork and a short film was screened documenting their journey through the project and using special interviews with members of the Truth & Justice Campaign.

Read more about these projects in the evaluation report.