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Children's University

The Children’s University™ is a national organisation aimed at children and young people aged 5-14, across key stages 1, 2 and 3. It is an exciting and innovative locally delivered programme of high quality learning opportunities for all Wakefield schools. Learning takes place outside school hours at weekends, lunchtimes, after school and in the holidays.

Children are given their own ‘Passport to Learning’ in which they are encouraged to collect hours of learning towards nationally recognised awards. At The Civic there are many opportunities for our members to collect hours in their Passport to Learning. They can:
•    Take part in workshops
•    Watch a performance
•    Visit an exhibition in the art gallery
•    Attend the performance summer school
•    Join Civic Youth Champions.

There are lots of other Learning Destinations where hours can be attained. For a full list of Learning Destinations please refer to our website -