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Bootleg Blondie

Bootleg Blondie


22 May 2021


BOOTLEG BLONDIE is the official Debbie Harry & Blondie tribute band, the only Blondie tribute to play the legendary CBGB in New York City before its demise in 2006 and unique in that not only have they had the honour to be thanked on Blondie’s 11th album ‘Pollinator’ but have actually toured the UK with one of Blondie’s founding members, legendary and celebrated drummer Clem Burke, to celebrate 40 years since the release of Blondie’s iconic album Parallel Lines! This turned out to be a whirlwind of sell out shows, press interviews and fab reviews.

They drove nearly 3,000 miles and played to over 4,000 people who were singing along to every word of the songs! On a day off during the tour Andy Harris (the Bootleg’s guitarist) and Clem wrote a song. They went into a studio in south London and recorded the track ‘Enigma Soho Au Go Go’. Debbie Harris (the Bootleg’s lead singer) put down some vocals and the single was released in April online and on vinyl on Pop-Up Music. Awesome!

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