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Marketing Requirements

The Civic programmes approximately 12-18 months ahead.

Theatre Programmer: Ian Morley
Gallery Curator: David Sinclair

Marketing requirements

Please list our venue as The Civic, Barnsley at all times online and on any print.

Any flyers or posters featuring The Civic information or logo should be sent to the Marketing team for sign off prior to printing.

Please ensure all posters and flyers are send to the venue at least 8 weeks before the show date. 12 weeks is our preferred lead-in time.

Our website requires two different size images, which we are happy to edit at this end, however if you are able to send across the exact sizes that would be extremely helpful:

  • Main image dimensions: 1400 (width) x 825 (height) px.
  • Precis dimensions 990 x 990 px

Print requirements:

Standard Print (portrait)
Stand-up comedy print (portrait)

500 x A5 or DL flyers
10 x A4 posters
10 x A3 posters
3 x A1 posters (not essential)
1 x A0 poster (not essential)

250 x A5 or DL flyers
10 x A3 posters
10 x A4 posters
3 x A1 posters (not essential)
1 x A0 poster (not essential)

Template for overprinting:

Date: Thursday 12 June        Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: £12 | £10 conc | £5 child
Box Office: 01226 327000
The Civic, Hanson Street, Barnsley, S70 2HZ

If your print requires overprinting at The Civic, please ensure there is sufficient white space for our information. Please provide no more than:

250 x A5 or DL flyers
5 x A4 posters
5 x A3 posters

The Civic is unable to overptint on anything larger than A3, so any posters this size should arrive pre-printed.

Please also note that any posters/leaflets requiring should be originally be litho printed rather than digital. Digital print can often melt in a standard printer/copier.

The Civic Logo (PNG, 74.4 KB)