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If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When?


12 November 2021


If Not Now, When? is the story of siblings, Liam and Chelsey growing up in Barnsley and navigating their place in the world after the loss of their mum. Liam is misusing alcohol, but Chelsey sees his potential. In a world fractured by their family’s past, Chelsey and Liam try to piece together their future.

Written by emerging young writer Isabel Hague from Barnsley, the show was originally written for the National Theatre’s New Views playwriting program. CAPA College, where Isabel studied, received National Lottery Project Grants funding from Arts Council England for the R&D tour of the show. 

“I target the truth of people and the significance of faults, the normality of contradiction in characters and the dynamics of everyday situations.” – Isabel Hague

With mentorship from the National Theatre’s Stewart Pringle, this R&D performance will be performed by CAPA College’s in house theatre company, Momentum Theatre, directed by Stacey Johnstone and Katy Dartsch and supported by guest director, Joseph Hancock.

"From just a few lines in it was clear just what a gift her words would be for any actor. Her dialogue is honest, authentic, and crucially very funny even when dealing with some bleak subject matter. Hers is a voice we need, and one I hope to hear a lot more of."Chris Bush, Playwright

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