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New Work Weekend

  • Date

    Fri 30 Sep


    The Assembly Room


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  • Date

    Sat 1 Oct


    The Assembly Room


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4 New Works, 2 Evenings, 1 Weekend

At The Civic we are passionate about programming new writing and devised performance from some of the UK’s finest emerging experimental artists and companies. The Civic’s New Work Weekend supports these artists and companies, giving them a platform and our ‘stamp of approval’ as they pursue their creative journeys.

New Work Weekend offers up a double bill of exciting new performances each night - two dynamic new shows for the price of one!

Date: Friday 30 September
Time: 7.30pm


Private View

Prepare to be plunged into the funny, filthy and grotesquely honest world of the twenty-something female. Fusing dance, verbatim text and a vast amount of chocolate cake Private View is the stark, combined account of three young women who are just trying to work out, quite frankly, what the hell is going on.

Part love song and part hate mail, Plunge Theatre are ready to confront the addictive and futile pursuit for perfection. From the f-word to selfies to panic googling acne cures to extreme diets, this performance piece gazes both inwards and outwards as three friends attempt to beat, or at least tussle with, their personal demons in a search to find their true selves.

Stripping both literally and figuratively, Private View interrogates our enigmatic relationship with body image by drawing from personal experience as well as wider cultural phenomenon: Can I lose 2 stone in a week? Is that a stretch mark? Are my friends more successful than me? Am I the fat one? Am I over sharing? Are my nipples weird? Will people stop listening if I say I am feminist? … Seriously, who really am I?

This dark and comic show is not pretending to be the solution to the ruthless ideals that society forces on women, nor is it promising to offer clarity on how to navigate modern femininity; It is just three girls inviting you to join their attempt to discover what being a woman in 2015 means to them, digging deeply through a surmounting pile of wax strips, celery sticks and Beyoncé CDs on the way.

So ask yourself this: Are you ready for this jelly?

"Powerful... a real wake-up call." London Theatre 2015

Private View began it's development as part of the Lyric, Hammersmith's emerging artist residency in May 2013. 


In Our Hands

Following a 2015 Tour of CELL, touring through the house network, Smoking Apples, are now touring their new 5 star show In Our Hands in Autumn 2016. We are now booking from September 10th 2016.

Alf is a trawler fisherman whose experience, camaraderie and loyalty have put him and his boat at the top of the game. But times are changing and so is the industry. How will Alf adapt in order to survive?

Follow a fish’s journey from sea to plate, watch a seagull’s ridiculous attempt to find food and witness a father and son reunite. In Our Hands will transport you out to sea, under the ocean and onto the deck of the Catcher’s Fortune.

Using innovative puppetry, a striking set and an original score, join Alf as he journeys from the depths of despair to rise again and rescue the life he loves.

In Our Hands has been developed extensively both in London and Cornwall.

"Smoking Apples manifest real and honest emotions as performers which allows them to give a genuine life to their puppets." The New Current


Date: Saturday 1 October
Time: 7.30pm

Getting Better Slowly

What if you woke up to find your body was slowly shutting down? Unable to walk, talk or blink and nobody knows why…

When Guillain Barré Syndrome affected Adam Pownall it caused full paralysis within days. Getting Better Slowly tells his inspiring story of recovery through a creative collision of new writing, verbatim accounts, sound and movement. How does it feel when your closest relationship is with the illness that’s holding you back?

Adam’s frank and moving account of how he dealt with GBS and the two years he spent recovering – including months spent learning how to walk and talk again – explores the relationship we all have with our bodies and our health. By telling his story with warmth, humour and honesty he invites audiences to consider how they would deal with an unexpected illness or accident affecting them or someone they love.

Research and Development support from Arts Council England. Commissioned by GAIN Charity, Core Lincolnshire One Venues & Lincoln Drill Hall.

With support from ARC Stockton, Deda Derby & In Good Company


You Forgot The Mince

You Forgot the Mince is a moving exploration of love, loss, cause and effect brought to you by Imagine Theatre. Through verbatim and physical theatre, the play follows the lives of Rosa, Lily and Niko. Inspired by real life events and set in Leeds, it tells the gritty story of a modern day abusive relationship. The interactions between the characters poignantly highlight this stark reality, interlaced with humour and normality.

“Francesca is keenly attuned to its source material and issues raised. I believe it to be a play that should be seen by as many people as possible.” Mark Catley, Writer for Television and Theatre

Recommended for ages 12+

Weekend Tickets £15 | Concessions £12
Evening Tickets £10 | Concessions £8

Please note, when booking tickets online, paying via credit/debit card over the phone or in person, an additional £1.50 transaction fee will be applied.