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Civic Scratch

  • Date

    Sat 30 Sep


    The Civic


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An informal chance for 4 regional artists and companies to showcase new work and try it out in front of a live audience. ‘Pay what you can afford’ at the end of the night, and all donations will be distributed equally between the artists and The Civic to support the development of their work.

Post show Q+A

This year’s artists are:

Uncanny Theatre - Outrage

Outrage was born out of a desire to respond artistically to the rise of Donald Trump without directly talking about him. As ever with Uncanny’s work the whole experience is framed as a game, it is silly and playful… until suddenly it isn’t.

Outrage is a highly visual, interactive, performance response to a world where only the most offensive can succeed. In looking for the perfect way to wind people up, we might finally work out if there truly is no such thing as bad publicity. This new show from Uncanny Theatre’s guarantees to wind you up so that you’ll take to the streets, or at least post a strongly worded response on an internet forum.

Ben Parks – Our Fathers

Ben Parks will show a new piece he has been developing with Barnsley’s own Ian McMillan - Our Fathers. The piece will focus on father/son relationships. Ben Parks has written and performed for film, television and theatre including the triple BAFTA winning, Oscar Nominated S4C production of The Canterbury Tales.

Alongside Ian and Ben, the creative team consists of animator, Tony Comley, actor- Adam Burton, director - Fin Walker, writer-  Ed Harris and writing development - Peter Spafford. The idea behind the piece is the coming together of these artist to create an interwoven theatrical cinematic world of an actor within a film within a song.

Sean Morley - I Apologise For My Recent Behaviour

Sean will be trailing a series of audience-led interactive live comedy. In a piece where certain things (ideas/interactions/responses) are required from the audience in order for the performance to continue he wishes to explore what happens in a show when those requests are unreasonable or not possible and how that affects an audience's relationship with a performer.

Sean is a two time BBC New Comedy Awards semi-finalist whose performances have been broadcast on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 4 Extra.

The Wednesday Collective with Taylor & The Mason - Words To Our Daughters

A play with music, writers from The Wednesday Collective wrote a play as an initial response to an inclusive community meeting with over 35 women of various ages in Manchester. The conversations began with what it is like to be a woman in 2017 and were honest, insightful and inspiring. The women shared fears, expectations, understandings and knowledge and the resulting play explores themes of identity, body image, visibility and invisibility.

Tickets Pay what you can afford 

Recommended for ages 16+