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Adrian Ashworth: Somewhere in Time

A collection of portraits by photographer Adrian Ashworth that explore the relationships between those with dementia and their carers.

The images are all black and white and lay bare the soul of the carer and sufferer, you would view the exhibition and subconsciously guess who has dementia in each shot, some are fairly straight forward due to age gaps but this isn’t always the case and some are impossible to tell. Each image or group of images has a story to tell, “somewhere in time” is where their world stopped, be it a child dying or the moment their partner forgot their name. The images are portrayed to remind us all how frail our existence is and that far more importantly to just viewing the images with a thought of who has dementia we should be seeing the one thing that remains “LOVE”.

Some are meant to make you laugh, others to share their pain and suffering, all real people from our community struggling and coping their best with such a debilitating condition that cannot be undone.


Open Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm